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Imagine yourself sleeping with a beautiful brunette girl you met on your night out...

Imagine yourself taking a leap of faith, and after years of employment finally quitting your lousy job to start your own dream business, and earn crazy money!

Picture yourself having the courage to leave everything behind and go on the trip around the world you've been fantasizing about for so long!

Imagine… what it would feel like to be courageous, confident, and free – having no fear of others opinions and just doing EVERYTHING you always dreamed of?

I know it sounds too good to be true...

but What If I told you that it's possible?


The author of the bullet ship.

And I want to share with you something personal...

In the last couple of years I've helped dozens of men to help them overcome their crippling social anxiety and shyness.

Using my experience and tools their courage grew beyond measure; these men finally stopped caring what other people think of them and started doing everything their heart leads them to. They started enjoying a richer sex life, a much higher income, courage to take bold and crazy steps, life filled with adventures... Everything in the life of these men changed because of one little thing: COURAGE. No more their fears or anxieties hold them prisoners! This is the ultimate freedom!

And me... I'm living a happy life driven by courage, and passion. I attract beautiful women, do what I love, have an awesome income, and others opinions don't matter – because of that my life is filled with adventure... freedom… and joy…

I can say full-heartedly: today I dictate my life, NOT my fears.

But life wasn't always like this for me...

I still remember the sorrow, the agony I felt every night, going to sleep alone in my cold bedroom and constantly wondering "What if I'll never get a girlfriend? What if I'll be isolated for the rest of my life?" these questions haunted me...

I remember how being around other people was a living hell, as I constantly felt watched and judged. I would analyze in my mind every move, every word, hundreds of times before expressing it – trembling with fear of what others might think of me and afraid that what I have to say is "inappropriate" or "not funny"... It simply consumed me from the inside…

I will never forget! How sweat came pouring out from every part of my body, and my face turning red, and my heart beating like a snare drum from things as small as talking to a beautiful cashier, or making a phone call!

I had so much knowledge in so many fields… yet for years I was busting my ass at a printing house for only 9$ an hour even though I was capable enough to take the CEO's seat! But I just kept working there anyway... stagnating in mediocrity because I lacked the balls to leave this job to start working on my dream!

I was alive, physically healthy, but on the inside I was dying. I lacked the courage to live life and I was miserable, truly believing that my life will never change, and I'll simply grow old, poor, and lonely. I believed I will die this way.

This is just a fraction of the toll social anxiety had on my life for years. So trust me, I know how you feel.

I know how everything seems hopeless and how every single day just adds more rocks to this luggage... But I am certain that deep down within you KNOW how much more you deserve. I know exactly how hungry you are for a change.

And despite the ship of my life was rapidly sinking,

I somehow knew there's more to life than this.

One cold morning, I couldn't bear this anymore… I hated all of it, and everything started falling apart. Hating my life so much was the biggest gift I've ever gotten, because on that morning – everything shattered, and I swore to one thing: "I'm going to change. Come hell or high water."

It all happened a few years ago. And because of this one decision, my life took a crazy turn – just before I drove off the cliff.

I fought many battles, had countless sleepless nights, dealt with challenges that forged me in fire like a mighty sword – and evolved into the courageous man I am today.

On my journey I learned a lot,

about courage, confidence, and what's necessary for these virtues to actually grow roots in your life – so much that at some point I decided it has to be shared with more people... that is when I started helping those around me who were in need, who were stuck in the same quicksand I used to drown in. The results are simply beautiful and it excites me every time to think about what these people became with my help…

But as time passed, a feeling inside of me grew stronger; I felt that it's almost a crime to withhold this ocean of freedom from people who aren't in my environment! I felt that this powerful truth has to be spread worldwide, because I realized; "If I and so many others were able to do it, everybody should enjoy this!"

It became my mission in this universe to spread the word, and help other people to break the shackles that hold their necks and start running toward the summit, where all the beauty and fruit awaits them. Where all the beauty awaits YOU…

I began thinking what am I going to do...

"How can I reach more people? In what way?"

At the time I was occupied with this question I also read many books about confidence, and I came to realize that too much of them sell crap! Utter junk! Really, I came across too much books, products, and audiobooks that gave ineffective, hurtful, and ambiguous advice.

Everybody were selling "big" products, filled with audios, e-books, and information… it looks so packed that you start thinking "Well, so much content… it must be worth it!" but every time I just found how deceiving it was. I kept thinking: "Why nobody just makes something on-point, without adding so much 'fluff' to make it look credible? I don't need 3 fucking e-books, and an audio program filled with crap that doesn't help!"

And on 2017 it dawned on me; I realized in what way I'll reach more people. I decided I'm going to write a book, and do it in a fashion that very little did before: clean, straight up truth, no bullshit. "I'm going to reach as many people possible" I told myself. I knew it with every part of my body.

That is when I started working on The Bullet Ship. I've worked day and night, and poured every bit of my pain, love, experience, and heart into this beauty, while keeping things as simple, and to the point as possible.

Using this book you will:

  • Learn simple tools that will help you conquer, and overcome your crippling fears and anxieties!
  • Gain the ability to create the sex life you always dreamed of!
  • Stop caring what other people think of you, and do whatever your hearts leads you to!
  • Start taking action toward earning more money!
  • Finally embark on the adventure you were meant to live!
  • Evolve into a real, powerful man – and change your life for good!

If you will follow the secrets of this book…
you will die, and be reborn.

"But Roi... I'm Afraid."

You want to hear the cold, harsh truth?

I'm afraid too. Every single day I feel fear. And every single day I conquer it once again.

But I NEVER let it control me. Fear is no excuse.

It exists nowhere but in our minds, and every time we succumb to it we are just enforcing this cowardice upon ourselves.

I think it's time you finally understand that YOU are the master of your domain. YOU control it. YOU have the power. NOT your fears.

What is it going to be,
Will you, once again, cave in?

Or are you going to conquer your fears starting RIGHT NOW?

"But Roi... I'm Too Busy!"

Come on... both of us know that's some cheap excuse.


You find time for TV.

You find time for beer.

You find time for Facebook.

You're always busy with the wrong kind of things. Are you going to quit the bullshit and finally fulfill all of your dreams... or are you going to keep scrolling through your Facebook feed?

Your choice.

If you read up until now...

I know that you want to change really bad... that your heart craves an awesome life.

And you deserve an awesome life! Understand that!

Ask yourself sincerely: don't you think that for such a dramatic shift in your life, it's considered a very small investment? You don't need to listen to infinite audios, read hundreds of books, or spend thousands of dollars on seminars, courses, and workshops full of "fluff" and irrelevant information...

So enough postponing your dreams, saying "I'm too busy" and "I'm afraid..."

Enough with the lonely, soul torturing nights.

Enough with the depression and misery…

Enough with 9$ an hour!

Get this book right now, and start changing your life today.

The bulletPROOF guarantee

I'm so confident that this book will have a profound effect on your life, that I'm willing to offer you your money back if you are not satisfied. And while others offer you a 60-day money back guarantee, I got you covered with a 90-day guarantee. You will get your money back, no questions asked.

Really, you got nothing to lose. So get it, try it out, do the exercises, follow the ideas and principles for some time, and you will see for yourself how great your results are. I'm sure you will be grateful for making this decision.

And if after getting your copy you decide that it's not for you anyway; that's okay, I've got you covered.


What's Included In the Package:

  • The Bullet Ship: Living Courageously In A Sea Of Fear e-Book

The condensed, most direct book you will ever read that will push you toward taking action immediately!

  • Hidden Treasure Of Your Body Video-Guide

A fully broken down and detailed 40-minute video guide with all the physical exercises found in the book!

All of this value for only ​ with all the benefits included!

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So let's recap, what are you getting?

  • The BEST, on-point, direct, no bullshit e-Book — The Bullet Ship!
  • 40-Minute video guide breaking down EVERY physical exercise from the book!
  • Awesome, simple tools to push through your fears and anxieties!
  • The ability to create the sex life you always dreamed of!
  • You will start taking action toward earning more money!
  • The ability to stop giving a damn on what other people think of you!
  • Complete freedom and joy in all aspects of your life!
  • 90-Day no questions asked money back guarantee!

All of this value for only ​ with all the benefits included!

And I know scary it might be... to commit to such a dramatic shift in your life.

But you must be a warrior, kill this initial fear, and get started. Because becoming courageous, having a richer sex life, making more money, not giving a damn on what other people think of you, and getting rid once and for all of this social anxiety – is in your hands.

You need to make a decision right now – are you going to become happy or stay depressed, fearful, and lonely for the rest of your life?

It doesn't matter how many times you messed up, failed, or got disappointed in the past – what matters is the present! Right now I'm telling you – YOU CAN DO IT TOO! You've been granted an insane opportunity to change your life and it's right in front of you...


Yours sincerely,
Roi Ostrovsky.

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Frequently asked questions

How long is your Money Back Guarantee?

The period of the guarantee is 90 days. In case you want (which I'm sure you won't...) to receive a refund, simply contact me using the email: with all the purchase details, or send a ticket using the contact us page.

To whom this book is suitable for?

This book is suitable mostly to men, although women can sure find golden nuggets in it too.

As far as age goes, this book will benefit the 40 year old father who is afraid to open his own business just as much as it will benefit the 20 year old student who is afraid to ask a girl out on a date...

What am I getting for the price?

You are getting The Bullet Ship: Living Courageously In A Sea Of Fear which is an e-Book, and Hidden Treasure Of Your Body which is a video guide containing all the physical exercises found in the book.

How long are the e-Book and video?

The e-Book length will be determined by your reader (depends on the font size you choose, screen etc.)

The video is 38 minutes long.

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The product will be delivered digitally. Immediately after payment you will get a download link for both the e-Book and the video.

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You should go with the mobi format unless you have an e-Reader that doesn't support it, as the Kindle software is very convenient and easy to use on all platforms.

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